About Little World Design

portrait- Heather Pando


Little World Design (LWD) is a design and production company specializing in a unique product that fuses natural objects with fabrics, textiles and other man-made materials, blending the outdoor and inside worlds. We collaborate with interior designers, artists and clients to bring their visions to fruition.  LWD has a large portfolio of work that is custom tailored to fit the specs of a client’s home.

 Dedicated to creating and developing new contemporary pieces that are fresh, edgy, beautiful, and thought provoking, Little World Design’s custom creations are perfect for the commercial space, as part of a personal art collection for the home, or as focal points for events. With the aim to design pieces that collapse the gap between dream and reality, these one-of-a-kind creations have already gained a strong following with some of the entertainment & art industry’s most influential tastemakers.  

Located in South Pasadena, California, Little World Design has gained recognition for its handcrafted botanical sculptures. Touted as “whimsical and slightly macabre” (Bizbash January/ February 2012) LWD has a strong presence in Los Angeles, New York and has done special events and installments internationally.  LWD’s pieces can be purchased through this website directly or at the following: Susan Manrao Design, ROSEARK, TWENTIETH , Lori Graham Design, Vanillawood and Hayman and Summers.  Commissions can be shipped or installed per customers requirements.

HEATHER Scheid Pando grew up in rural Wisconsin and spent much of her childhood running wild in the great outdoors.  This early exposure to all things natural in addition to a degree in theatre/biology and an interior decorator mother was the catalyst for her creative vision and ultimately what fueled her fire to found Little World Design. After years of working as creative director with Krislyn Meyer-Komorav, Heather became owner and art director of LWD.  Heather finds organic forms compelling, inspiring and uplifting, her objects d’art aim to blend the surreal with the natural.